Friday, February 18, 2011

Night monkey, day monkey

You'd think that after sleeping fewer than 3 hrs on tues, melech, like me, would want to sleep well wed night. Wrong! His vengful wrath knows no rest. We walked. Screamed. Chatted on skype with saba and savta at 1:30 am. Savta sang lullibies which soothed me & made M. Laugh. Aba and i took turns waking and snoozing. It is a blur. M. was impossible.

A bright spot thou: impromptu nocturnal FB chat with a friend in Australia cheers me up.

Irony: m. Fell asleep in strollie to school b4 leaving home, that little monkey!

Extra love

A perfect coffee heart procured with an emergency fiver i had hidden in my purse.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Weanin' Ain't Ez

When it was time to wean Bigsis, i turned to la Leche League's website for advice. Under weaning it said "Thinking about weaning? Have you consiered the benefits of nursing? Unless your child is in college, there's no reason to stop."
I am well aware of the benefits of nursing. I love nursing. In fact, I happily would nurse BabyBoy until college. But the time had come.
A closer read on the LLL site suggests that if you really must stop you could do so gradually by adopting a "don't offer, don't refuse" policy. Meaning don't present your breast but if he tears at your shirt, signs "milk", you can give it up