Sunday, August 28, 2011

News from Hurricane Irene

By 7:50 this morning, our kitchen floor was flooded. With drips from CLEAN DISHES I YANKEd fROM THE dishwasher and above all with drops of strawberry milk melech poured all over himself. And the floor. milk we only bought because yesterday we were walking round the block as much as we could, dreading today when we'll likely have to stay in all day. 
(random caps are Melech's artistic contribution to this blog entry).
Seriously, we're fine. It's just been raining since last night. Raining hard, but the wind doesn't even seem especially windy.
It's  now 9:16 and I'm letting the kids watch a 2nd movie (Peter Pan 2). Luckily we have kind neighbors with kids and we have a strategy to preserve our sanity, namely we will take turns watching all the kids. 
So right now boredom and sanity are my biggest concerns.
But I am also worried that lower Manhattan and thus the PATH train that takes me to work in NJ will flood. Because I do want to go to work tomorrow (revisit biggest concerns above). 
If the kids are happy, I am happy. And I may even get to put a dent in countless home improvement and organizing tasks. Hurrah for the hurricane!