Friday, January 05, 2007

Bigger and Stronger

We're all feeling a lot stronger. And Ahuva is getting much bigger! Yesterday I saw her newborn pics and barely recognized her. She now has full creamy cheeks and opens her blue-black eyes wider and wider. Her hair seems to be getting fairer.
I'm feeling like myself for longer stretches each day. But my time and energy is still all focued on eating, resting, and feeding with bathing in between.
We had a big milestone yesterday, venturing outside the home for a stroll in the neighborhood. I carried Ahuva in my chic purple Moby D wrap (a limited edition, mind you! A fabulous gift from Heller, thank you!!!). It was a huge hit. I got it wrapped on the first try (following the printed directions). Ahuva loved it. She fell into a deep sleep within steps of the house. My parents accompanied me as we made some rounds, showing her off to my dear manicurist and the girls at Sylva cafe. We stopped there for a coffee and a pastry shaped like a breast. Seemed appropriate!
Amazing how time takes on a new meaning and just getting clothes on and going down the block for a coffee becomes a fulfiling expidition!

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