Saturday, January 20, 2007


A few nights ago when I got up for a feeding (or maybe just to go to the bathroom, or because I woke up sweating, or some combination of the above), I found Adi awake watching a movie called "Jackass". If you have not heard of the concept, you are probably not a young male. That's OK. I will attempt to enlighten you. It is a very popular series involving a bunch of guys who do really, really stupid masochistic "stunts". Some of the guys are buff and tattooed. One is very fat. One is a midget. The stunts are often performed half-naked, suggesting there is something else going on here. An example of a jackass stunt is a guy putting a fish hook through his cheek (yes, actually piercing his own flesh), then jumping into shark infested waters. The stunts don't last long. Pain is often involved, not to mention risk of really severe damage.
I've never understood the appeal of the show.
But suddenly I saw it in a whoooole new light. These guys should try childbirth if they want to experience a scary, painful, death-defying feat! Not one of the stunts I saw could even compare. Ha.

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Anonymous said...

Were my thoughts exactly.
Why everyone says children are Joy of life?
Actually they are.
The problem is that it takes long time until you realize it, a time which is the longest and sometimes the hardest of your life.