Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Free Trip To Israel!

Do you know someone in the USA who is:

  • Jewish (either parent, or converted),
  • Aged 18 (and graduated high school) - 27 (must turn 27 after Dec 1)
  • Who has never been to Israel on a peer (organized) program?

    Taglit-birthright israel Winter program is a FREE 10 day
    educational trip to Israel with other adults from all over the USA –
    we even have special trips for people over 22 years old! You can even
    extend your ticket for around $125 and stay on in Israel for up to 90
    days…you've got nothing to lose and a free trip to gain!

    Registration is open ONLY for a few more days!! If you don't
    register, you have no chance of coming – so even if you are not sure
    about coming yet – register, it's free and will only take 5 minutes!

    See or call 1-800-218-9851

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