Tuesday, February 27, 2007

All's Well

Ahuva rocked her well baby checkup at tipat chalav today. Both nurse and doctor were impressed with her development. I'm sorry I didn't bring a camera to capture her smiling at dr. with stethascope pressed to her little chest. She is an impressive 6.6 kilos (14 and a half lbs.), 59 cm in length.
She also had some vaccinations - not fun. These may cause fever so we bought some baby tylenol as advised.
This weekend we went on our first family trip. It was wonderful. We stayed at a kibbutz guest house way up north and visited the Hula Valley nature reserve. Little did we know it, but they offered 3-person side-by-side bikes for visiting the 10 KM trail. Perfect for us! With car seat in the middle for Ahuva, we were able to get excercise and stop and start as we liked. Well, Ahuva didn't much care for stopping!

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