Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I love my cubical!

Sarah in her cubical
I never thought I'd say it, but I do. I am happy to be back at work in my usual spot.
Emotional though too. My hormones and I had to get a grip in the parking lot, staring at the charred earth where the rockets hit.
Not many people are back yet. So far those who are back are just putting things back together, moving equipment back into place and so on.
Our floor is in pretty good shape. One window in a friend's nearby north-facing cubical is gone. The hole is covered with a plaster panel already. I found that grey thing depressing so I decorated it with markers, drawing flowers, "Welcome back!" and an Israeli flag.
One of the glass walls on the north bridge that links our work area to the one on the other side of the absurd empty space is gone. Many of the glass plannels facing north in the big open space are gone but save for the noise, you almost can't tell. It just looks like the windows are very, very clean.

Today may be the last day of free icecream. Then again, we're still gettting the crap lunch today so it evens out.

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