Friday, August 11, 2006

Up and Down

I was in such a good mood yesterday, the concert still with me. We went out at night to the American Colony Hotel, a world unto itself. I felt like we'd walked onto the set of Laurence of Arabia, when they're in that fancy hotel in Cairo. Cholent loved the lemon juice I ordered. It came unsweetend, like a citron presse only taller.

But this morning, bad news came at 8:30 with a phone call. Adi's dear grandmother Gila, aged 85, passed away in the night. After he got of the phone he burried his head in the pillow. When he rose the first thing he said was "We won't even be able to sit shiva properly."

Plans are being made for a Sunday funeral in Haifa. But it is a tricky situation. Adi's mother doesn't want to take the responsibility of inviting people to come to Haifa. And it's clearly not safe to have a large group of people outside in the cemetary for any amount of time. Very tough and sad.

We were just about to head out for a good day in Jeru, deciding it would be the best way to honor cheerful Gila's memory. We plan to go back to Haifa tomorrow afternoon, to be there on Sunday (anyway we were going to go Sunday).
And then reports came in of "heavy rocket fire in Haifa". It was the first attack that Adi's parents heard in their somewhat removed mountain suburban home.

More crying.

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