Friday, March 30, 2007

Big News

I've told my boss so now I can tell you all, my dear readers. Adi was accepted for graduate studies at his top choice school, Columbia University. He will start classes in fall 2007 towards a combined MA/PHd in Yiddish Literature. This means that we will leave Haifa, my home of ten years and instead will live within blocks of my parents. My aunt reports that since they heard the news, my parents feet have not touched the ground!
Meanwhile, I am sad to be leaving my sunny neighborhood in the Carmel which I have grown to enjoy and appreciate more than ever  these past few weeks on daily walks with Ahuva. However, I'm looking forward to embarking on our little family's new adventure and to being reunited with family and friends in the Old Country.
After Passover, I will return to work part time until the move at which point I will resign from MegaCorp after over ten years of service. I plan instead to start my own consulting business from home, doing usability consulting and a bit of techinical writing and training.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Adi! exciting news! Looking forward to seeing you all on this side of the ocean/world. CC Jane