Monday, September 25, 2006


Great article on the humble joys of potato kugel.
I once made a Jerusalem Kugel which is a noodle-based kugel that involves carmelized sugar. I had to pitch the first attempt (carmelizing sugar requires attention!) but it was quite worth the extra effort. The result was not sweet. Quite interesting and somehow much yummier than the "genuine" Jerusalem kugels I've sampled when in Jerusalem.


A couple weeks ago I made Faye's recipe for a special Shabbat overnight bread called Kubaneh. I was very curious about this recipe which like Cholent gets cooked very slowly overnight. I had trouble imagining what it should look like since I'd never seen it. I searched the web and found a picture next to what seems to be an unauthorized posting of Faye's recipe. Anyway mine didn't come out quite like the picture, it didn't rise as much.
I wish that as I was rolling bunches of dough with butter I'd followed my instinct and added cinnamon, sugar, and maybe raisins too. This would have made it more of a hot cinnnamon bun than a traditional "Kubaneh". It would have been more worthwhile. Still, it was good.
So what was it like? Well I used some whole wheat flour but I think even without it, it would have achieved a nice brown color. While certainly bread-like, there's something different about it. It comes out somewhere between soft and flaky, with a rich flavor that owes to the slow cook baking as much as it does to the butter.
If you do try making it, I strongly suggest you thow those whole eggs on top. It's easy to do and the overnight cooked hard-boiled eggs are really neat.

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