Thursday, September 07, 2006

Linea Negra

Example: black line.
It just appeared the other day. Monday, in fact. It wasn't there in the morning. And then, there it was in the evening. I was wondering if such a thing would appear. I've also been checking my belly button to see if it will go from "inie" to "outie" (not yet, though it's not as deep as it used to be).
It's a fairly faint, somewhat wobbly (not straight) line from the top of my belly (now located about 3 fingers-width south of my chest line) to my belly button. And then it also "spills" down from my belly button. The lower part is like an old rock fountain that has a trail leading down from the spout even when no water is flowing.
I understood that these things disapear after you give birth. But I was checking it out in the bathroom mirror at work and Chen showed me hers, still there (though a little faded) a year after she delivered. Oh well. It's not like you get an extra prize when you die for an unmarked body.

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