Thursday, September 14, 2006

Puking Again

Sorry I haven't written. It's been a tough week. Had one good day but other days have seen a return of UTTER EXHAUSTION plus nausea and a bit of puking. I puked last night at our birthing class, just before viewing a lovely film on natural childbirth. Not great timing.
I was proud of Adi who was the first to give a reaction to the film:
"I was just wondering... if this natural thing is supposed to be a return to traditional ways, well, wouldn't it make more sense to have an experienced old woman around rather than the clueless husband? Isn't that the way things were done traditionally? Also, didn't women DIE in childbirth all the time?"

His comments were met with tongue-clicking and head shaking, but I thought he had some good points.
Wendy B., our instructor noted that having the fathers present was indeed new but that it fit with new household roles in general, "If the father is going to help with diaper changing, grocery shopping, doing the laundry (at this I elbowed Adi), and so on, he should also have the chance to enjoy the miracle of birth."
She noted that now a-days, modern medicine enables us to do a lot of pre-natal testing, offsetting the risk of mothers dying in child birth. While natural childbirth is not always appropriate, and complications can arise that in most cases it can go rather smoothly with minimal medical intervention. Fair enough.
I noted that we did not really hear any women shouting in the film. Some were smiling dopely, some seemed to be concentrated in exertion, all were breathing nicely.
"Well, that was glossed over, yes." Wendy admitted. The shouts were turned down and covered with a lovely melodic soundtrack. But.
During the break a woman asked me why it was we were thinking about C-section (if I may ask). I told her about the myomas which got her to give me a semi-sympathetic nod. Still I felt like I'm a bit of a freak in the class for my lack of utter devotion to natural birth. Hmmm. It will be interesting to see if everyone is singing the same tune after they give birth.
Meanwhile on the upside I will say that the film reduced my fear about how I would handle things if I unexpectedly start going into labor ahead of time. True, I would probably just call a taxi or otherwise make my way to a very nearby hospital. But worst case scenario I could call Lola, the downstairs neighbor to help and let my body do the rest.

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