Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My Call on the Blood Banking

Thanks to everyone who responded here and via email! Y'all pretty much confirm the conclusion I'd reached which is that it's an idea whose time has not yet come. It doesn't pay for now, the money is better off being invested in a college fund.

I am disapointed that we can't seem to donate. I do understand that if we were to donate, the blood would not be saved for *our* baby. In fact, I thought that was the point! That it could be used for a) someone who does need it and can use it NOW or b) for medical research. Both strike me as highly worthwhile destinations, especially in this time of absurd anti-science policies of the US government.

I am happy to hear that Haddasah Ein-Kerem does collect the blood and presumably does nice things with it.

I encourage everyone to try to donate the stuff.

BTW, so far I have yet to hear from a friend who DID bank it. Would be curious to hear that side too. One friend recently told me she wishes she had. And I think it's natural to feel a tad guilty. NOT that you should, but those silly advertisements certainly play on those feelings.

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