Monday, November 27, 2006

Too Funny

This is from an e-card you can send from the website. The text translates to:

My contractions have started
and I feel
that birth is

Wish us luck!

Gee, I hope I'll be wearing red feathers around my tummy when contractions begin. And I'm so sure I'll have the presence of mind to send you all an e-card. NOT!
In fact, I felt a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions today. These are the body's natural training exercises of the uterine muscles. Or so I'm told. What happens is my tummy goes from pretty darn hard to rock hard, like a helmet or a turtle shell. They don't hurt. Sometimes I don't even notice them but today they were more frequent and felt a bit weird. Not scary weird. In fact, sort of comforting, since they can be taken as a sign that my body is on track.
Yesterday I observed something useful when looking at a drawing of the baby at 36 weeks (Cholent's age) inside the mama. While head is down (as Cholent's is), the feet are not straight up as I'd imagined, but more at an angle. This makes the kicking sensations I've felt make a bit more sense.

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