Sunday, November 19, 2006


Lying on my back at Dr. Shaprio's hurt. Not only did my back hurt from the extra weight of my now very very big belly but it seemed as if Cholent was pushing on my lungs, making it hard to breathe. It was perhaps the only time that a vaginal ultrasound was more comfortable than the trans-belly ultrasound because for the vaginal examination I got to lie on the table with legs bent at the knees, resting comfortably on a platform below.

What did he see? Well the main thing is that the myomas are no longer in the way! One has moved up-up and away as it were, to somewhere above Cholent. The other one is MIA. Perhaps it is hiding behind Cholent, whose bones now make it hard to get a full 3-D view. But the main point is that her head is sitting neatly along the edge of the cervix, as in a textbook illustration, and no obvious blocks remain between her and her and this world when she decides to join us.

I guess this is good news. True, I was very much mentally prepared for the scheduled C-section. But I think the main appeal was knowing the exact date and the idea of having a relatively high degree of certainty about how the actual birth was going to go, and having the date be a bit sooner than the due date. Over the weekend I started thinking about the advantages of a natural birth. The main one seems to me that we are likely to get to go home sooner. The rest of it seems to be really six of one, half dozen of the other.

Ultimately, as long as we both come through it alive and well, who cares how it happens?

Now I'm feeling a little bit bad for being a slacker in the birth class and not really paying attention to the breathing exercise and everything. But it seems to me that at least some of that is a boolsheet. And that chances are birth will hurt in a manner not unlike a m*th%r f*ck#r. The one really useful thing I got from the class though is a reminder that somehow your body knows what to do. And women have been 'doin' it fo' yea's'.

Cholent is officially due December 20.

That Tom Petty song keeps going through my head now, "The waiting is the hardest part."

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