Thursday, December 28, 2006

Baby Girl

Proud parents Adi and Laura Mahalel are thrilled to announce the arrival of Ahuva Yonit Mahalel, born December 21 by regular delivery at Bnai Zion hospital, Haifa, 8:18 AM weighing 3.4 kilos.
Mother and baby are healthy and well, thank God.
Ahuva, meaning "beloved", is named for Adi's paternal grandmother, Ahuva Mahalel, of blessed memory. Yonit, meaning "dove", was the Hebrew name Laura's dearly missed friend friend Janis Ruth Coulter chose for herself.
So far she is a good little eater and sleeper!
Laura and Adi
P.S. Sorry if you heard already and sorry if you didn't yet.. it's been a joyous, exhausting, unbelievable week! We appreciate your good wishes and might take a while to respond...


Anonymous said...

Hearty mazel tov to the parents and grands. And a special welcome to Ahuva Yonit! Much love to all of you for the coming years with hopes, wishes and plans for a life of peace and love, here, there, and everywhere! from capecod jane

Anonymous said...

Hi Zehava,

Congratulations! I hope you'll have much joy from Ahuva!

I enjoy your lively writing style and your sense of humor.

Some weeks ago you mentioned your "Faye Levy project" and I have to say, I've never been a project before! What did you mean - cooking from my articles?

Best of luck in all your projects, and happy 2007,