Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Name Game II

My favorite Hebrew weekly newspaper, Sha'ar L'Matchil (Gateway for the Beginer - offering news in easy Hebrew) recently reported on the most popular names in Israel for 2005 as compiled by the Central Bureau of Statistics.
Top girl's name = Noa, with 3% of baby girls getting that name. (The biblical ark builder, Noah, is pronounced very differently in Hebrew, No-ach).
Top boy's name = Uri, with 2.1% of baby boys getting that name.
Next top boy names:

  • Noam (pleasantness)
  • Itay
  • Ido
  • David
  • Roi (shepard)
  • Amit (friend)
  • Yosef (Joseph)
  • Moshe (Moses)
  • Yonatan (Jonathan)
Next top girl names and their English meanings:

  • Shira (song)
  • Agam (lake)
  • Maya
  • Tamar (data palm)
  • Roni (happiness?)
  • Yael (mountain goat)
  • Adi (jewel, precious stone)
  • Sarah
  • Yovel (jubilee)

And some new girls names that made the list too:

  • Elia
  • Gaya
  • Alma
  • Oryan
  • Yaheli
  • Noya
  • Chava
  • Liam
  • Tohar
  • Tair
  • Nama

Not many changes in boys names.

In 2005, 144 thousand babies were born in Israel. 23% Muslim, 74% Jewish.

Most popular Muslim names included Mohamed (14%!!), Ahmed, Machmoud, Machmad. The most popular Muslim girl name was Aya. Among Christian boys, the most popular names were Elias (Elijah), George, and Fadi. Among Christian girls: Nicole, Natalie, Maya.

And nope, Cholent's name to be is not on the lists but we're not telling yet!

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Anonymous said...

My friend Sarah was thinking about naming her daughter Aya (I think the meaning is a portion of a sura in the Quran) and was shocked to hear that it was the most popular Muslim girl name in Israel last. We'll see if she still chooses to use it...