Friday, December 01, 2006

Stocking the Freezer

I made Faye's Sweet Carrot Kuggel (see photo). I got inspired at the end and topped it with some coconut flakes. It came out sweet, light, very delicious. I made a double recipe. I'd been debating since I'd never made it before, but I listened to all the books I've been reading which recommend making extra qunatities of food and freezing them for when the baby comes. In my case, my parents will be here to help and cook but you never know. It will be nice to have some familiar favorites on hand. So half went in the freezer.
I also baked Challah, making two largish ones and four "babies" to freeze for weeks when we'll just need a pair for blessing.
I made mushroom barley soup.
And I made these dried cranberry biscotti: Agreed with reviewers that the white chocolate would have been overkill. I like my biscotti nice and dry, no melty additions.
And finally, I made Faye's Sour Cream Walnut Cinnamon Coffee Cake. I used some buttermilk and Israeli "ski" cheese in lieu of actual sour cream. That may have been the problem but basically this cake was just a little boring, oddly not sweet enough too. Half of this sucker is going in the freezer too, for a rainy shabbos morning...
What can I say, I guess I enjoy baking. I like the precision, following instructions, measuring. And I love the results, especially now!

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Anonymous said...

Baking is THE quintessetial act of a woman waiting to push out a baby! xoxoxo