Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Week 40

Here I am after a contraction. Biiiig belly! Contractions started last night but are still mildish and randomly spaced. So we're just chilling. Most of the day I felt like lying around so I did. In the evening Adi and I took a little stroll around the block after we lit our Hanukah candles, retracing our steps to a spot we sat on three years ago also during Hanukah when my parents were visiting.
Her room is really nice with a new POANG Ikea chair for me and a dresser full of clothes for her... we're ready when she is!


Anonymous said...

Here's to a ____[fill in your own blank] labor!!

I was big, too...and, w/ my first I never had 'regular' labor...just uneven contractions that came & went w/ stretches of 5-7 minutes, then up to 15 minutes, back to every 7 minutes. they were all over the place & never got to be 'textbook...' hmm.
So it could be soooon. YAY! I keep checking your blog!!!

Anonymous said...

hey girl - good thing you're having that baby right about now because I don't think your belly can get any bigger!
Can't wait to tune in for news and pics of your new little one - sending lots of thoughts and love your way.
xoxoxo, Harmony

Anonymous said...

B'sha'a tova! B'daka tova!! I can hear the seconds ticking (heavy-breathing? screaming?)down. That is some magnificent cargo you've got there! David and I are cheering from the UWS. Much love to the New Haroldian, and her rents!


Anonymous said...

Veeeery big belly. I think that by the time you get this message, cholent will have arrived. I am very excited and happy (thrilled and delighted your aba might say) for you all. I can't wait to meet Adi and Cholent. I send love and wishes for happiness for this time of great light and joyful miracle. capejane