Thursday, December 28, 2006

Eat, Sleep, and Nurse

I know that my only jobs right now are to eat, sleep and nurse. Pretty much the same job description as Ahuva has now. She's much better at it than I am. She's proving to be a pro at eating and sleeping and pooping. That last task, a necessary bi-product of the eating task, is very painful for me now quite a production. I'm enjoying the nursing though. She took to my breast right away, increasing my confidence. I had read several books on the subject and asked for tips in the hospital from the lactation consultant. On Sunday, Wendy B., our birth prep class teacher came for a consultation too. She made useful adjustments in my posture and gave a thumbs up to a daily glass of wine or beer. Ahuva starred during that session, nursing the full hour she was here.
My milk came in on Sunday or Monday. It's hard to have a sense of days or time at all. 
I feel happiest when I'm nursing, gazing at her gorgeous face. Sometimes she looks back at me with big grey-blue-black eyes. Often her eyes are closed, but a little click-click-click sound and rythmyic movements of her head and neck assure me that she's focuesed on her task.
I had heard about sleep depravation but I was not prepared for how physically wrecked I'd be feeling after delivery. My whole body aches. I had cramping and back pain so bad that I was shaking and thought about going to the E.R. But the fear of being separated from my baby made me tough it out with a hot bath. The following night I didn't sleep even when she did because of pain. Insane by morning, I spoke with my Dr. who said there was no choice but to go to the hospital for an exam (this was my nice general doctor, my ob-gyn is still in Thailand and his replacement who pushed out my placenta was gruff on the phone and said the same thing: "It should hurt, but not that bad, if it does, come to the hospital".) 
So Tuesday after a good long nursing I went to the hospital. It was torture. They sent me up and down the elevator, at least 6 floor changes. Ultrasound showed nothing wrong thank God, no pieces still inside me or anything. Maybe the myomas (fibroids) make the natural contractions worse. Long story short, to get out of there I had to throw a fit (crying gets FAST attention in Israel). 
I am grateful for all the calls and emails. I hope you understand that so far it has not been possible for me to do more than return one call a day if that and that I'm barely up for  visitors.


Editor said...

Poor Rus! Your body has been through so much! Did the hospital people have any suggestions for pain management at all?

Rebekah said...

don't worry about "us" -- worry about you and your family right now! No apologies necessary for not returning calls or emails. You should instead be feeling a stream of love and support and happiness, and once you can take a break and get calls, let us know. No pressure now. And I hope your pain goes away quickly!!! At least it wasn't a c-section! Love, Rebekah