Monday, August 14, 2006

Good News!

Cholent is healthy and she will be a GIRL baby! We just came back from the super sonic ultrasound test at Dr. Shapira's and all is well. I knew everything would be fine but still it was great to walk out with a long list of body parts and organs all marked "healthy". Fingers, toes, kidneys, heart chambers... it was all there to see. All parts measured within the normal range for her age.

When I reported the good news to my father and told him that Cholent is a girl he said, "Oh good! One of the two best kinds!" Indeed we are more excited that she is healthy than anything else, both sexes are good.

And in more good news, Haifa was quiet today! No sirens, no bombs. Well, one siren at 7Am but nothing since the cease fire went into effect at 8AM local time. We are hopeful that the quiet will continue and that we can go back to work as usual tomorrow.

Dr. Shapira was a student of Adi's late maternal grandmother, Ahuva. He remembered her very well. She told his mother, "Your son is very bright. If he tired, he could be a student!" She was a tough cookie, but managed to instill in Dr. Shapira a love of grammar. On his website he maintains an updated list of ultrasound-related vocabulary in Hebrew. He credited himself with inventing the term "skirat marachot" or "organ scan" which is the test he did today.

We are happy and excited with our news and so glad to be home! Let's hope that the cease fire sticks and ALL Israeli soldiers still in Lebanon come home safely.


Anonymous said...

mabruk mabruk on a healthy baby girl! Now I have a few months to work on some crafty home-made present for you :) Lots of love and hope to see you (and Cholent!) soon.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your father. He is, of course correct. I know, as Andy and have one of each of the best. Mazel tov!!! Much love and all the best from cape cod jane

Anonymous said...

Yahoo!!!!! Mazal Tov. She'll be gorgeous.

Zehava said...

Some additional feedback I got in email:

"God bless you all.
Wishing a lasting peace for every innocent human who suffered."

"Just got your message - great news. I will immediately begin the name game. Top contender so far: Wilhelmina." (bro)

"I am so happy I can’t stand it! Girl is one of my two favorites too!!! And healthy is too wonderful, the most wonderful of all!" (mommy)

"mazl tov bshaah tovah!!!!!!!!

"Mazel Tov on Cholent being a girl I would agree with Mark that they are one of the 2 best kinds.I wonder what size construction worker pants she will take." (Charles)

Katus said...

Girls rule!

Anonymous said...

"skirat ma'arachot"? not exactly a scan (that would be "srika") more like a survey, which sounds really weird. Congratulations!