Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Name Game

Yes, I have some ideas about Cholent's name. But no, I'm not telling yet.
You can offer your suggestions though.


Leah said...

How about Nadine? :-)

Katus said...

I'm at a disadvantage, because I don't know Hebrew, so I don't know how Israelis would pronounce things or what sort of connotation the name would have in Israel (i.e. Russian, etc.).

Opening the baby name book in the middle of the alphabet:

Ophelia (Greek -- helper)?

I would stay away from anything starting with "M", so her initials are not M&M. Then she would have to grow up to be a white rapper, and the liklihood of success for white rappers is just not very high.

Anonymous said...

I think I know several variations of what here name could be.


Zehava said...

Nina? I like it.
Nora? Not so good with a mother named Laura. Remember when I had a sister-in-law named Nora? It was confusing. Nice name though.
Olivia? Ezra W.'s fiancee is named Olivia. I think she's cool. Just makes me think of olives though, and oblivia -> oblivious.
Oritte? souns very Israeli. "Or" means "light" and there are loads of names on this variation. They are considered particularly appropriate for babies born around Hannuka (example: Festival of Lights) which is more or less the season that Cholenta is due.
Some examples: Or, Ora, Orna, Ornit, Liora (I get called Liora here sometimes so that's out too, but I like it).
Ophelia (Greek -- helper)? I can never take this name seriously because my mother grew up with a kid named Ophelia Dickey. Bad, bad.
Penelope/Peni/Penny? First thought is the Israeli name for boys: Pini. Can't do it. Also I had a traumatic experience in France with a Brassens poem that required knowing that Penelope rhymes with "salope".
Phoebe? Has a nice sound, but I couldn't give a name I couldn't spell myself. In Hebrew it might redux to Peebee since you don't usually start words with "f" sounds, only "p" sounds.
Adding to the N list: Nili. Feminine, easy to pronounce in any language. Was the name of an Israeli underground resistance organization against the British.

Katus said...

Oritte was the name of a stunningly beautiful and willowy Israeli woman I once worked with at Ogilvy & Mather. She went on to work in film and was one of the producers of the Blair Witch Project. (Regardless of the artistic merit of the BWP, it was the first internet film phenomenon and made piles of money). Besides the connotation of beauty and success, I like that the spelling looks kinda French.

Anonymous said...

Also one of my dogs is named Phoebe so not so good