Monday, August 07, 2006

Haircut and Dentist

Between sirens and running to bomb shelters, I managed to get a haircut yesterday and go to the dentist today.
I'd been putting off my haircut (long overdue) when we were living in exile outside of Haifa. I briefly entertained the idea of going to someone else. Afterall, there must be decent hair dressers in Zichron, or I could have gone to the "famous" OFER G salon in the big Y. But I've been faithful to Amir & Riad of Kav Tzair ever since I moved to Haifa in 1997. Back then they were in a modest little shop on a residential street. Now they occupy a chic space overlooking one a central shopping intersection. I wasn't sure they'd be open so I called.
"Amir's on vacation," said Riad. "What time do you want to come? I'm closing at 4:00 today." I got there at 3. I was somewhat surprised to see that both helper girls were working and three other customers were there.
It was quiet though, very quiet.
"How nice and quiet," I noted to Riad.
"Yes, it's on purpose," he answered, "So we can hear the sirens." At least we don't hear the news, I thought.

One of the clients, a man named Samir, spoke to Riad in Arabic. Riad is from Haifa, and Arab. That subject really deserves a whole other blog: Arabs among us. It's not a point that gets much emphasis on CNN. I guess it is subtle. So subtle it's almost not worth mentioning except that it's probably unexpected and surprising to many a foreign reader and perhaps even to readers from outside of Haifa or the north.
If I look back on recent blog posts and highlight as it were, where there were Arabs in each scene I documented, here's a sampling:
-S., one of the kind technical writers who so warmly welcomed me at our Yokneam branch, is Arab.
-At the romantic beach in Habonim where we enjoyed the sunset, an Arab family (mother in modest dress + head cover)

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