Sunday, August 06, 2006

Home Improvements - Saturday

Sorry for being offline for a while. I didn't mean to cause worry. Will try to check in more often.
An article from Bill Maher I loved, The World is Mel Gibson.

We're fine. Spent a quiet Saturday at home resting and completing some long-overdue home repairs. We finally hung our beautiful kettuba over our bed. It looks wonderful. The colors go perfectly with our lime green & purple bedroom. I continued chipping away at clutter, clearing unnecessary stuff out of the bedroom and setting up a nice candle on my dresser.

Adi struggled with the broken bedroom window shuter, an ancient, rickety thing that got bent out of shape during a harsh winter storm. Thanks to Adi's patience, we can now raise it and close it again. I'd forgotten how wonderful the view out that window is.

Of course it wasn't all sunshine. We were rudely awaken from a deep nap by the roaring sirens again. All in all there were three sirens on Saturday.

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Anonymous said...

I'm following your blog, appreciating your info, humor, and courage. My heart, thoughts, gratitude, and prayers are with you. I will be seeing your parents today at the S&K wedding. Congrats on everything! Keep cooking! May peace and peace and peace be everywhere. From cape cod Jane