Monday, August 28, 2006

Meat. To Eat or Not to Eat.

Thanks ccjane and Harmony for your comments :).
Happily I do love eggs and cheese so no worries there. I've been taking iron suppliments since week 13 with (tfu, tfu!) none of the usual trouble (example: constipation). I'm trying to take the iron with OJ now that I know that it makes it easier to absorb.

Harmony actually reminded me of a third reason I've started eating meat. Fear of tofu. I am a big fan of tofu. But recently I've become afraid that I'm ingesting too much phyto-estrogen. Apparantly soy is no longer the good guy. Too much soy mimics estrogen. Now, that's not necessarily a bad thing. But for me, one of the theories about the myomas (fibroids) is that hormones makes them grow. Who knows?

Then again, meat (unless organic) is pumped FULL of hormones. Growth hormones. Which no doubt do my myomas no kind of good either.

It reminds me of the fish debate. On the one hand, Omega 3 and other good fishy things are recommended for the pregnant consumer. However, there is the mercury fear that says that pregnant women should limit their fish intake.

Some of the food guidelines are curiously cultural. For example, in Israel, women are told not to consume mint (very popular here as a natural tea). Yet the US-made Herbal Medicinals "Pregnancy Tea" a friend gave me is packed with... you guessed it, mint!

On the flip side, Israeli women are told to "limit" their coffee intake, but not to close out caffine all together.

All things in moderation I guess. Listen to your body. Eat a tasty variety of foods.

That granola sounds great. I'd loove the recipe. Nuts and fruits are things I virtually gave up these past two years in order to lose weight. I am enjoying eating them again!!

And oh yes! I just found some molasses, a most delicious source of iron and vitamins.


Anonymous said...

Hi again - I'm sure you're up to your neck in resources, but if you want one of my best friends here in SF is a midwife. She works in a hospital where she's seen all kinds of births, and she had her baby at home last year. If you have questions you want to ask her re: the c-section, pain meds, nursing, myomas, etc. etc. I'm sure she'd be happy to hear from you. Let me know and I can give you her email.
I'll also email you the granola recipe. I made another batch last night, and this time added chopped candied ginger :)

Rebekah said...

I take slow release iron pills which work well if you need to experiment...several of my friends here take them as well and they supposedly have less of the "side effects".

I also experimented with chicken in December and it absolutely grossed me out (so I understood what you meant by cooking the bits). In the end, I decided the need for protein could be balanced in other ways.....although my parents are famous for going back to eating meat during my mom's pregnancy with my sister and I am famous for *HATING* the taste of meat once they started eating it.

Only you know what feels right and tastes right!!