Sunday, July 16, 2006

Going to the Zimmer in the Valley

Adi and I decided that we'd feel most comfortable going to Jeremie & Elah's. They live in a pastoral moshav founded by Kurdish Jews. We nicknamed it Kurdistan. The air is fresh. They have a big apartment with a lovely new safe room (shelter) within.
It's close enough to from home or to return without being too big of a shlep. And it's a low-population density area, not one I'd target if I had rockets with mediocre aim.
Above all, they're close enough friends who will understand my never ending desire for sleep and breakfast cereal and being around them will calm rather than stress us out.
We're taking our cell phones, leaving the cat, and should have internet connection after I set up my wireless router there.
We'll try to think of it as a nice night away in the country. Hopefully, we'll be back soon.
My work announced that we are to work from home until further notice, but we're still expected to call into meetings as usual, and we're not to update our American colleagues about our status.

Nasrallah interestingly has called us Nazis. I suppose he has forgotten his earlier claims that the holocaust never happened.

Oddly, I found myself agreeing with a simple statement made by George Bush. The gist of it was that to stop the violence, you have to look at the source of violence and that the source here is Hezbollah. For the violence to stop, they have to stop sending rockets.

Interestingly, Israel is communicating with Lebanon through Italy. A novel approach. I wonder if it has anything to do with Italy's stunning monthly win.

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