Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What's gender got to do with it?

So today is Cholent's 17 week birthday. We thought we would learn its gender last night at Dr. G.'s but no such luck. It was a bit of a let down, only cuz we'd psyched ourselves up for it. But wise Hubby pointed out that I'd been saying that I'd be happy to wait and be surprised at birth. Besides, our parents didn't know with us until we emerged to shouts of "It's a boy!" or "It's a girl!". How dramatic that must have been.
Bro points out that as a Barnard graduate, I should remember that "These tests can only tell you the sex of your baby - their gender depends on far more than simple anatomy." True, true, as the wonderful book Middlesex observes.
Carlito adds: "But you know, does it really matter boy or girl. It not like you were going to go out and buy only pink dresses for a boy and little construction worker jeans for a girl." To which Bro suggests: "If it is a boy, I say you get him one of each Village Person outfit and see which ones he takes to."
I very much like the idea of baby-sized Village People outfits.
It really doesn't matter, especially with a first child. Both are good. It's just a matter of curiosity and the fact that everyone wants to know.

Post your vote: Is Cholent a gurl or a boi?


Katus said...

A nickel says it's a girl. But I don't really care, as long as it calls me "Auntie Katus."

Anonymous said...

Be surprised!!! You will know far more about this child than you could ever imagine by the time it is born, deeper knowings from its soul and body living within you. Chanina is fast at work making a One-Eyed Monster Washcloth for you.
Love, Raquella
p.s. The gender thing is so complicated... putting my baby boy in pink and yellow as we speak... cant wait to be on this dialogue with you