Sunday, July 30, 2006


When we got to Maggie's house the first thing I did was put clean sheets on the bed and see what food we could use and what we might need to buy. The first thing Adi did was to go through the DVD library to select movies he wanted to see.
Seabiscut was one movie neither of us had seen. We'd heard it was good, we both wanted to see it. We started watching it our first night and didn't get more than 15 minutes in before being overcome by sleep.
Since that first night we've slowly, very slowly been chipping away at it.
"Is it Seabiscut time?" I would ask, meaning "Is it bed time yet?"
I decided that this stupid war would end as soon as we managed to get to the end of Seabiscut.
"We're looking for escapism," Adi said to me philosophically last night as we returned from Jerusalem. "And it is different - horse racing! what could be more different? But, somehow it's not working."
"Yeah, it's just not compelling enough," I agreed. We had trouble keeping track of the characters, especially the first four days or so before we'd crossed the first hour mark.
Now Adi is watching the DVD extras. They mentioned that the real-life jockey swallowed tape worms to keep his weight down. Now if they'd included that, it would have improved the movie. As it was all we were left with was confusing Hallmark sap.
But the good news is, we got to the end, damn it! So Nasrallah, our personal condition to ending the war has been met. We're ready to go home. Haven't you had enough?

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