Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I Love Getting Comments!

Thanks! Please keep them coming. xoxoxo


Anonymous said...

Re cholent,
Cannot vouch for this being true, but I did hear that cholent originates in Western Europe. Originally, according to this it was called "chaud-lent" , meaning "slow heat' in French.

Anonymous said...

Dear Laura. As Rebekah I'm becomming a blog addict! These days I'm VERY happy to know whats going on in your life. Love to you.

dc said...

Cousin (and teeny tiny cousin)!

I've been following your story multiple times a day to make sure you are all doing all right.

On CNN last night they had a whole segment dedicated to the bloggers of the conflict, I was hoping to see you up on the screen.

Stay safe, keep writing. What a fucking horrible summer for the Cane clan.

Love Love Love!
Cousin Deborah

Katus said...

There was something on the Morgan Stanley homepage yesterday -- a bunch of senior guys weighing in on the "current conflict" and its potential impact on the US economy. The good news is, they feel that the conflict will stay limited to southern Lebanon and should not escalate, and the US econony will be minimally affected. (Good news for US, that is). The bad news is, Lebanon's infrastructure has been so badly damaged that *its* economy has been set back 15 years. But of course this is just an economic perspective.