Monday, July 24, 2006

Milk Drops

We're fine. I went to the local branch of "Milk Drops" - pre-natal & post-natal check up centers. It's an optional supplement to care from your regular doctor. I hadn't been yet and was afraid they'd chew me out (nu, nu, nu!) for not going sooner but the nurse was very nice. She's from Maggie's moshav and asked how I knew her. Her son sails with Maggie's son.
It was nice to confirm that all is in order, that I'm doing all the necessary tests at the right time and so on. She checked protein levels in my pee pee, all good. She weighed me and discussed what blood tests I should get. Tomorrow I go to get blood tests.
I worked at our Yokneam office again today. It was good to be there again.
Adi went into work in Haifa. He works at the MegaCorp gym. I was very very scared about him driving there, but knew he'd be fine once he was there. The gym is in the basement, a veritable bunker. He enjoyed his time there.
"Every time there was a siren, everyone came down to the gym. But I was already there. I could continue my work out without interruption!"
We'll follow the same plan tomorrow.

Still vomiting again, today and yesterday. Always in the evenings. Blech. But mostly feeling good.
Oh and today Ms. Efficiency sat with me at lunch and she became very nice when she learned I was pregnant. Suddenly all the women at the lunch table were offering advice about what to eat and what not to eat.
"Mix a can of green peas with 3 hard-boiled eggs, fried onion, and a cup of finely chopped walnuts. It makes a great veggetarian spread!" urged one.
"Yeah, make a double batch and bring us half!" chimed another who warned that "Nothing, no book, no course, nothing can prepare you for motherhood! But," she added "it's worth it!".
"Don't eat spicy! Don't do that to your baby!" warned one woman after lunch.

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Katus said...

Sorry to hear about the vomit. Think about booties and baby smiles. You will make a great mommy!