Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Happy Thoughts

Today was a tough day. I went out last night with girlfriends Lili and Yaeli and today I paid the price especially because I had to get up early for a stinky meeting. It was great to get out though. It's been so long. And I needed quality girlfriend time.
They delivered big time, providing hugs, warmth, advice, and a gift tin of luscious L'Occitane Mamman Bebe Baume. Key take home points:
  • For the first two weeks after her C-section, Lili limited her activity to eating, sleeping, and breast feeding. Intensive help from hubby and mother was critical.
  • Birthing class probably would be a big bassa for me, since I am 99% sure I'm not facing a natural birth. However,
  • Wonderful nursing coach Heddy was priceless and can be consulted ahead of time.
  • Yael agrees that no expense should be spared hiring post-partum help as needed.
  • My supplemental health insurance may give me some "Sorry you had surgery" compensation. Worth looking into.

    The Tough Part

    In addition to begin tired, there was the "negative energy" of the day's news. I try to avoid the news more religiously than usual now. But standing in line at the post office, I overheard talk of the Katushas falling in the north. Later I learned of the kidnapped soldiers. As she IM'd me, Shirley wrote "F*ck, choppers". It took me a minute to realize she meant army helicopters were flying by the beach near our work. I was working in a cafe and it was funny to look around at people happily talking sipping Cappuccinos or working, knowing that a short distance away rocket bombs are falling and soldiers are defending us.

    But I try to think "happy thoughts". Flowers and rainbows, flowers and rainbows.

    My boss who is a very spiritual Hindu told me it is more important than ever to avoid "negative energy". I agree, I don't like negative energy. And I can tell Cholent doesn't either.

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