Monday, July 17, 2006

The Morning After

(I tried to edit more the previous blog but couldn't, so here's the continuation)
We all watched the news for a bit. It wasn't as stressful when watching it together, joking about the different reporters. One poor reporter looked totally exhausted, stoned even. We half expected the other guy to tell her, "OK, thanks for your report, now go home and get some sleep!"
My heroine reporter is a pregnant woman. She has some nice shirts.

We swiched to a movie and I promptly fell into a relaxed sleep. It was about 11:00. I went to bed in the comfy futon in Jeremie's office which had been fixed up for us with bright sheets, folded towels, and personalized soaps by our generous hosts. I had some trouble falling back asleep after the move. I tried meditating to quiet my brain as planes roared above.

Adi came to bed around 1:00 AM. He murmured comforting words and held me tight. Little did I know that he'd spent the last two hours feeling quite nervous, as many, many planes thundered above us and reports came in of strikes in Afula, Givat Ela, and Nazereth. All relatively near, all clearly missed attempts to strike the air force base. I only learned that news around 6:00 AM, over fresh squeezed O.J. with Jeremie. Cholent had woken me earlier and I had enjoyed watching the sun rise over Yokneam. The only noise on the little porch was the sound of birds singing and the loud buzz of the nearby electric wire.

"We'll have to think about moving again," Adi told me when he woke. The planes had distrubed his sleep. He's napping now, after reading a chunk of James Joyce's "Dubliners". He only has one more exam left at school, but it has been postponed until further notice.
It's quiet outside now, save for an occassional rooster's crow and the song of cicadas. I can see tractors working in the field. Jeremie went of to his job, taking care of kids on the kibbutz. They were supposed to do a treasure hunt today but will have to find an activity closer to home. Elah went to a nearby moshav to teach dance.
I will try to work now on my laptop. Business as usual. The distraction of updating the current "Getting Started Guide" will be welcome.

Until we blog again...

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