Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Today is Going to Be a Good Day

We both slept well last night. I woke up several times but that was just regular pregnancy waking, not panic or noise related (though the night flights from the nearby air base continued).
Last night after working we took a short drive to my old kibbutz to pick up some supplies at their little supermarket. Adi needed a toothbrush, Elah needed safety pins for dance costumes for her student's performance today. We also bought more of the beef (this time they only had lamb) proscuto that Cholent loves, real Coke (a treat for Adi), pita, deodorant, herring (a comfort food for Adi, apparantly, though I had to stay clear of its smell), a natural olive-oil soap made by "savta Jamila" that I'd been hunting for in Haifa, and of course more ice cream.

We also ran into lots of old friends. Iris (M.) S. was working the cashier and invited us to lunch tomorrow, a woman I don't even know congratulated us on our wedding (having heard from Elah's mom, who runs the super when she's not on vacation in S. Africa), Gidon B.B. looking well and doing his shopping, and a very happy newlywed Gali exchanged congratulations with us and gave my tummy a kind pat. With everyone we joked that we were refugees from the North. I guess we are actually. The kibbutz has also absorbed real refugees from farther north who I'm sure are happy to have access to a pool and peace and quiet.

We took a little walk towards the ulpan. Lots of big pink flowers on the way along with the familiar smell of the refet, the cowshed. To me kibbutz is comfort, my frist home in my homeland. I wish it had the same effect on Adi.

Adi was a bit tense, eager to get back and call his parents, and unsure of our plans. We learned that his sister and her husband had gone south to stay at his brother's in Herzelia. Adi's parents were pretty chill, his father boasting of having lived through worse wars. I told Adi it was doing me good to be here, that I wanted to stay. We can make the best of it if we get some work done then go have lunch with Iris, visit the pool or the gym, work some more, then go to Elah's dance show in the evening. Why not? So that's our plan for the day. No point staying glued to the news.

How You Can Help
Meanwhile, if you're feeling frustrated by the situation, here's something you can do. Check out this worthy cause: http://www.apackagefromhome.org/. They prepare and send care packages to "lone soldiers" (soldiers who do not have families in the country) and other soldiers, packed with treats and practical items. I can tell you from our little trip to the kibbutz store last night just how much little things like having a new toothbrush or favorite snack can mean in times of stress: a LOT.

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Rebekah said...

thanks for the pointer on the packages to soldiers. I've sent it to several listserves I am on. sounds like you are doing lots to keep you busy which is good! Love, Rebekah