Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Heating Up

We're fine but things are heating up. IDF forces just entered Lebanon on the ground, to take out command bunkers. There will surely be casualties but maybe we can succeed in stopping this mess.
I'll give a more personal and detailed update later. Meanwhile, another thing you can do is vote in these online polls:

CNN is having a poll: Is Israel justifed in its use of force. Presently 52% think that Israels response is NOT justified.

Sky News is having a poll: Middle East Crisis---Who's to Blame? Currently the vote is 82.31% blaming Hizbollah. It's important to keep checking for new polls and voting!



Katus said...

I'm growing increasingly cynical about the role of Public Opinion on a government's foreign policy. Domestic policy, maybe, but even then I think people need to take to the streets on a massive scale, not just click an internet poll. I'm thinking of the demonstrations in France by les jeunes who really did enact a change -- unfortunately for the worse, because the policy they were protesting was a good one -- but they really did succeed. People have marched against the Iraq war periodically, but to little effect.

NYT says that Condi Rice will be sent "later" to the region to negotiate. I sense that the conflict actually has a planned ending, but not before Israeli forces have crossed off all the targets on their list.

Zehava said...

I basically agree with Katus on this. But psychologically, it's oddly helpful to feel that we have supporters in this conflict. Too often watching international coverage of the events makes us feel profoundly isolated and misunderstood.
Israeli media does not tell the full story either. We see lots of pictures of flattened bridges and buildings, but they spare us the bloody baby pics from Lebanon. Not good for morale I guess. But nor do they fuel our hatred by showing gory pics of Israeli dead.

As for having a plan, who knows? I hope so, and I hope it involves a quick end. A fellow tech writer on a listserv wrote "sooner or later they'll run out of weapons or we'll run out of targets".