Monday, July 17, 2006

Work, Nap, Haifa Hit Again

This morning I got some work done while Adi studied and napped. Then we both napped. When I woke up, Elah was home and had put a beautiful meal on the table. Haifa was hit again, she told us. We saw pictures of a house, a 3-storey appartment block not unlike the one we live in. A room-sized corner of concrete roof had been cut and slid off, landing on the floor below like a soggy piece of bread falling off a counter top. You could see a family's dining room table in the exposed room, chairs still neatly pushed in. Luckily no one was hurt.
Frustrated, we tried to figure out what neighborhood it was in. Just heard it was in Bat Galim, an old neighborhood down by the sea.
Mayor Yonah Yehav was on the scene, sweating like a lesser, bloated Guliani. But there, telling us to stay indoors. The news reporters pointed out that if God forbid someone had been inside, they'd be pancake city now. But he pointed to the neighboring building, pockmarked with wounds from little bullets. The biggest danger with these Katyusha rockets is from fall out really. They're not strong enough to take down an entire building.
OK, enough news for me, I'm going to get lost in work again.

Cholent food update: Cholent was very excited by some beef "Proscuto" that Elah offered us. YUM. I snuck some salad down along with it, rolling it in the thin strips of fragrant meat. Also ate some iron and vitamin B rich tahina, served in one of Elah's beautiful ceramic bowls.

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