Sunday, July 16, 2006

Lying Lying Liar

OOOF! Smoke coming out of my ears... Hezbollah leader snake Nasrallah is giving an update now. Claiming that they did not target civilian targets. Wrong! Look at pictures of Tsfat, Tiveria, or Naharia from the weekend.
He claims the IDF did not target military targets, only families. Wrong! Of course it doesn't help that Hezbollah stores rockets in peoples homes.
Oof! I'm furious. The lies continue to flow from his corrupt mouth.

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Rebekah said...

So Zehava...ehhh??? Aka Laura??? We were very happy to hear you are preggo/preggers and wish you and Adi "B'Shaa Tova". Such happy news - very good to hear this week. Sending lots of love to CHOLENT ;-) and big hugs to you. Love, Rebekah and Chen.